Ziann’s 10th Birthday

Ziann isn’t the type of kid who will ask her parents for a birthday party where everybody’s garbed in fairy tale characters. She will never ask for a Taylor Swift concert ticket for a present. She will never complain if she receives a small and not-so-nice cake or if she won’t be given any gifts at all.

I am not saying that my daughter is different. She is just a simple lass whose idea of happiness is very down to the norms, that in this world today, makes it like out of the standards. I hope you get that. If she has any peculiarity from other children of her age, it is her being uncomplicated.

Her almost-a-week-long tenth birthday celebration started in the annual U.P. Fair. It was a night of food tripping, books, watching local bands, food tripping, kikay accessories, perya rides, and food tripping. It was a tiresome yet enjoyable evening of sharing our daughter one of the things that we like doing. C and I introduced her to the culture of watching live bands and the tradition of just chilling-out in the girth of the venue. I also bought her a new pair of sandals because she inadvertently daubed her Cut the Rope sneakers when she sank her feet in the muddy part of the Sunken Garden.

Most of the night, we just roamed around, ate any interesting grub we came across with, and just moved near the pit when the acts that we were anticipating are on stage. Ex. Slapshock, Gloc 9, Ebe Dancel, Tanya Markova, and the likes.


As a souvenir, Z got an Om Nom henna tattoo. At first, I honestly thought it was something else. What d’you think?

This is, well, Om Nom of Cut The Rope.

In Fairview, Quezon City, there was a small binge for my wife’s family. A cake and some familiar, snap victuals were prepared.

2014-02-12 22.20.15

In Sampaloc, Manila, four boxes of pizza and a generous order of Amber palabok were enough to do the trick. We don’t really like to profusely spend that much for food that we normally eat during weekends. The important thing was, we were all pleased to see Ziann pleased.

2014-02-16 18.55.40

As a gift, to grant Z’ unorthodox wish, we took her to that specific street in Quiapo, Manila where there’s a line of stores that sell beads for wholesale prices. We let her grab anything that she wanted. It is for her growing beaded bracelet hobby business.

Because Teddy Bears and gadgets are too mainstream.
Because Teddy Bears and gadgets are too mainstream.

Time really flies so fast. I know we are not really birthday people, but for our daughter’s happiness, what the hell? Right?

We love you, Ian!



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