Sunday At Liliw

Four large fries and frappucino from McDonald’s; pancit canton; and champorado: not the typical breakfast of champions BUT can be the morning bite of the Irabons.

That specific Petron gas station in SLEX-Southbound was the last stop-over that we (and our other relatives in the other van) had in our family trip to Liliw, Laguna on an early Sunday morning. But we didn’t travel a hundred kilometers south to wade on hot springs nor to buy buko pies. It was a very unexpected visit for my father’s sister, Aunt Celna. For the first time in a long time, she was reunited with her siblings, sadly, in her own funeral.

It was one of those rare occasions that I see my cousins in that side of the clan. And it was one of those subtle moments that I see my father cry.

The obsequy was schedule in the afternoon so we had an ample amount of time to stroll around the vicinity and explore (which I will talk about a little later). It was a hot day and the sun was searing my greasy face but it was humid so it didn’t matter. From the house to the church to the cemetery, I walked, following the hearse. I stayed at the far end of the crowd so I could respectfully smoke.

It was indeed heartbreaking. I just regret that we were days late due to the conflicts of schedules. I am sorry for that and I know my cousins would understand. I’d hate to say this, but if it’s not for Facebook, we (from Manila) wouldn’t know anything about the plight. From now on, I’ll check my messages regularly.

All things must pass. It is a mere reality that exists in this world. In behalf of my kith and kin, I want to give my sincerest condolences to the Noble family. Let’s all move on and continue life bearing the memories of Aunt Celna.

To all my cousins there whose names start with K and to their own respective families, thank you for accommodating us. We really appreciate your kindness and hospitality.


“Segue At Liliw”

It was ideally a sad day because of my Aunt Celna’s demise. But on a positive note, it was still a trip and we somehow roved around the area to see what the district has to offer.

Located at Gat Tayaw Street is a long stretch of stores that sell locally-made footwear on wholesale prices. More on slippers and sandals, the jaunt delighted C, and together with Z, they had a shopping-spree for brunch.

The constant arrival of tourists proved that Liliw is indeed the slipper capital of the country.

2014-03-09 09.37.36

2014-03-09 09.11.38





There are also a lot of local delicacies to munch on like suman, street empanada something, Bibingka de Macapuno, various fruits, UraroPastillas de Leche, Puto Seko, atsara, and burong santol. Mostly, the good stuff are found near the beautiful church where scads of people are coming.

In the afternoon, when I was walking at the back of the crowd, following the hearse to the burial ground, I tried-out some local kakanins or rice cakes that I encountered en route. I battled the scorching Liliw sun by drinking a fresh, cold buko juice that I bought and brought in a large tumbler. I reached the cemetery with an espasol-tinged stubble.    

The entire neighborhood was neat and peaceful. Life is apt and uncomplicated. I hope I can come back there one of these days.



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