Poetic Nonsense

What’s with this day that there are a lot of poems scattered in my Facebook News Feed? Well, I admire those who came up with great prose but I was honestly amused more with those who ridiculously tried to rhyme words. I respect the effort and I’m sorry if I find them hilarious.

It gave me an idea though. Let me try that.

“Poetic Nonsense”

by: Boyetus Chromatus Irabon

No matter what you say
This shit is a poem
The tables are swimming there
Where did the dragons come from?

My short-haired hair is short
The volcanic rocks forget
I misspelled the world “tableau”
I slept in the toilet

The Commonwealth buses are fast
Like those red and gold balloons
In the female bleeding holes
We must use tampons

This is the end of summer classes
Tikbalang is just a myth
Don’t greet me in the morning
When I didn’t brush my teeth

I forgot to pay the bills
Trigonometry is difficult
My beard is longer than his
I want to drink Yakult

Sometimes the river is quiet
There are nine beds in the ward
The flower is blooming late
I don’t have a credit card

I asked myself “Why oh why oh why?”
I told myself “Uhm no uhm yes oh no”
She likes to lock the kitchen floor
To see the ghost who wants to blow

I’ll be drunk tonight by ten
Let’s split the bubble gum
The crowd is too quiet here
May I taste your dimsum?

Do you know that I snore?
When I’m awake, it’s worse
I will try to sweep the door
She sells sea shells by the sea-horse

The world is like a worm
They both start with “w”
Let’s make the next line rhyme
Sock, slipper, sandal, shoe

The box is full of toys
My dick is made of wood
The tenses are important
Will stand, standing, stood

Everything I wrote here is untrue
Including the “and” and the “the”
Let’s make the next line rhyme again
La la la la la la la la la



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