Cooking Viand Call Grinded Porks

I had went inside market basement Guadamall. Shopping list completes cooking later grinded pork pseudo-Arroz ala Cubana. No Musa acuminata fried over finish product. Wife don’t like. What the muthafucker! Allium sativum too expensive! Six cloves of Allium sativum needed for delicious viand. Powdered alternative? I do not thought. Deep inside, I do not like. Capsicum annuum with Allium sativum first. Together many Allium cepa. Spanish-style cooking. Grinded pork marinates sunken in the sauce of soy and Citrofortunella microcarpa. Estimate twenty-minutes or maybe longer than it. Not too much. Never.

In connection, no work today. Pasig something celebration. Forgotten read. Do not care me. Really. Important things so much than this.

Tonight should get laundry. P390 only. Important. Shaving mustache still thinking. Feel good hair above upper lips. So maturity. Don’t like Alyas Pogi. So faggot. Afraid Rattus norvegicus and Periplaneta americana. Cannot use power him. Fake movie effect. So faggot. Indeed. Enrile house arrest senior citizen. Full of Equus ferus caballus feces. Jinggoy silent. Son social media feasting images rich life. Making publicity. Trying famous to be. Stepping-stone better career showbiz. But Kris worst of all. Eaten Bistek deep in the sauce of soy. Everything Equus ferus caballus feces. In television. In papers. In social media.

My pseudo-Arroz ala Cubana important more than those. My viand doesn’t look feces. Tastes good instead.

I do politics concern not. Nothing happen. All like movie. Scripted so much. Politicians great actors. Government sucking. Showbiz suck more. Everybody in genus Sus. BUT not great like my grinded pork. Tastiness. Oh my Science.

Must work tomorrow. Must not late. Must not lazy. Must write finishi self-music for Korean bossi and try harder banki Laarni Lozana cheesy songi for snakey Andi. Up to Friday.


Must cook now. Goodbyes.



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