The motels nearby are totally jam-packed and power came back in the area before we could actually checked-in. So we just stayed in our abode, checked for wreckage, and cleaned around a little.

Glenda was quite a tempest. It was one of those atypical chances that a super-typhoon directly hit Metro Manila. Or should I say almost directly smacked the NCR, for the eye slightly veered off to Cavite. We had no work today due to the apparent reason but C was already in the office before the storm arrived around 6 A.M. Z was in a safer place. The typhoon fortunately didn’t bring heavy rainfalls but the forcible wind indeed devastated the Metro. Roofs flew. Trees and electric posts fell down. Houses and buildings were damaged.


Luckily, our small and feeble house didn’t give in to the strong wind. But I was alert for any mishap that could happen, especially between 8 A.M. to 11 A.M., when Glenda’s gig was on-going. I’m sure nobody wanted an encore. I basically read books (with the help of a fully-charged flashlight) the whole day while listening to Radyo 5’s storm update in my fully-charged mobile phone. I was actually prepared. That’s the best thing that I could do rather than watch some cheap, pathetic people fight over blown tin roofs in the street.

I was a bit scared in the morning, but was relieved past 11 A.M. knowing that the super-typhoon had already passed. I got worried for Bataan because it was Glenda’s next target (after NCR)  and I am giving much more sympathy for my kababayans in Albay who suffered Glenda’s first blow.

Philippines has an average of who-knows-how-many typhoons in a year. I hope the next ones are not that strong. If not and most of all, we should always be ready for anything.

(photo from here)



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