The Plight Of The Jollibee

I love Jollibee’s Chicken Joy. From the sapid and juicy meat inside to the crispy skin outside (laman muna, balat later), eating Chicken Joy provides me with a certain comfort, especially when I am stressed out or under the weather. The distinct smell of the newly-cooked chicken reminds me of some childhood memories with my family too.

But I am a burger person (JOLIBEE CHAMP!) and that being said, I am not bothered if Jabi is having troubles with their poultry supply the past days. On the business side, even though they are losing millions of PHP a day, the fact that Jolibee is a stable icon in the fast food industry for decades, I know that the food chain will overcome this crunch and get back in track soon.

I also know that sad is not the opposite of joy#chickensad my ass. 



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