Of Freedom and Unemployment

This afternoon, I, together with the six guys in our department walked out of the office after passing a resignation letter stating that we all had enough of the company’s awful system. More especially, we were very displeased of the bosses’ unjust and dire approach to it. They all suck big time.

I won’t elaborate on the details but something came about that drastically pushed us to do what we had to do. By the way, I was the one who wrote the letter that we all signed. I really wanted to make it longer so I could expound everything about their smegma-smelling structure but we were really trying to get out of that hell quickly so I just cut it to one page. They wouldn’t understand it anyway.

The six of us (someone went somewhere else) stayed in the nearest Family Mart, munched on some chips, and planned for our next move. We decided that we will only come back (if they’ll ask us) if there’s an assurance that the organizational scheme will change. If there will be none, then nice meeting them. Not.

To wrap this up, yes, I am now officially unemployed and I won’t be eating any good burgers in the next few days. But I am delighted to be out of the zoo. I have my fallback anyway so what the fuck?

What happens to the company is not my concern anymore. Quite frankly, my only compunction was the mistake in my letter. I missed a fucking comma in one of the paragraphs.



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