Being Unemployed

…doesn’t mean that I am jobless. In fact, I find my current work better than the previous ones.

I am a home-based music arranger creating backing tracks for music students in a foreign land. From a wide gamut of genres: from Taylor Swift to Megadeth to Eric Clapton to Extreme, and from different levels of musicality, I have never been so excited to face a blank .cwp template and start a new file. Most of the songs that I arrange are so familiar that I have already played them before in gigs and the likes.

A home-based job has its own advantages. In my calculation and conversion (since the pay is in different currency), the compensation is three times higher than any of my prior pay checks. Enough said. There’s no office, no commuting, and no stinky Korean bosses. I can work whenever I want as long as I beat the deadline. I can smoke and drink beer while syncing MP3s and inputting data in real-time.

I control my schedule. I can sleep anytime, amble around with my wife and daughter, hang-out with my friends, cook lunch / dinner, and do other important things like DVD marathons and read more books. I even have time now to trim my fingernails.

I can also work wherever I want. It just depends on my mood and the situation of my surroundings. Since I only use a laptop and other small stuff, I can bring my gear anywhere I desire and work when I feel like it.

However, as we all know, there’s no such thing as perfect job. It’s a fact. One of the drawbacks of my so-called career is the unavoidable circumstances of my location. Every house where I can do my thing is next to the road. The noise of the vehicles plus the clatter of people and animals (and the cross-breed of both) outside is a big impediment for my ideal work flow. It makes me miss my office in Makati sometimes where my station looks like this…


…enhanced by a beautiful view of the business district. But now my space is as plain as this…


…including a horrid sight of imbecile and ugly criminal neighbors that’s so daunting.

Having a small abode also makes me lose my impetus when I have to transfer my things from one spot to another when someone will use the space. You know, being disturbed when I am in the middle of something really gripes me.  Especially when that something is related to bio breaks, reading books, and/or work.

The worst part of being a home-based music arranger is, well, being a home-based music arranger. A long list of needs just whacks my face from time to time and makes me realize that there’s a lot of things that I am lacking like: a big home studio, Genelec speakers, high-end AKG headphones, a new powerful computer, and so on.

But no matter what, this is the life I chose.

I chose to be unemployed and do one the things that I want. I chose to do one of the things that I know I am somehow good at. Also, I still have local MIDI clients and writing jobs that I will deal with when a day officially becomes thirty-seven hours.  And as long as I am earning money and providing for my family, I am content.

The moral of the story is, for commoners, Extreme is just a band that sang More Than Words. But I am not a commoner and this song is fuckin’ more than words.



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