Cez’ “Halloween” Workstation

My wife’s company will have this Halloween celebration in the end of the month. So last weekend, Ziann and I helped Cez design and decorate her station. And since we don’t actually have Halloween in this country, I came about with the idea of turning her desk into a workstation of a popular character in our local folklore called Mambabarang.

Cez' Station I know it’s not as complex and extravagant as the others, but for me, it’s indeed creative and neat. Plus, we didn’t spend a lot for it. It was a clever bricolage of local and free materials from our house and from the neighborhood.

Basically, we just used:

1. Dried leaves, hay, roots, and branches that we picked-up from the street.

2. Black candles and black jars.

3. An old cloth from our cabinet drawer.

4. Hex bags that surely looked legit.

5. Glass jars with fake fingernails and colored liquids (from Ziann’s old watercolor set).

6. Fake insects and arachnids.

7. Live worms and roaches.

8. Authentic tarantula exuviae.

9. Manila paper.

10. Old crystals and gems.

11. More candles and small plastic skulls.

12. My picture pinned to a voodoo doll.

and of course…

13. Kulam List.

Cez' Station 2

Moral of the story:

Sometimes you’ll only notice that you lose something essential after you destroyed it for a convivial intent. I actually looked good in that photograph. It’s a bit Photoshoped I know, but still, I looked good. Too bad, it’s my only copy.



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