Things That I Re-learned This Month

  1. The problem when you are befriending women even in pure befriending intentions is that eighty percent will think you are hitting on them. They tend to play with the idea that you are amorously into them, just because.
  2. Destiny is not true. Coincidence, on the other hand, is the shit. The latter is the reason why the lady that you saw in Bulacan last year happens to be working in your building right now. It isn’t fate. It is a fact that Luzon is plainly small and Baliwag is just 49 kilometers away (approximately) from Makati. It is also a substantial factor that you have a transcendent photographic memory to remember her pretty face.
  3. People assume. People conclude even on weak and inadequate bases. People will talk and/or laugh behind your back for kicks. They will always be people. They will investigate your raiment, your mug, and your comportment, surmising about your persona and judging you as if they have unerring conceits, demeanor, anatomy, and brainpower.

Just don’t give a fuck about them and move on when they are shunning you or when they are giving hints of enmity.

  1. Lastly: gossips spread, melt, and smell like Dari Creme smeared on a hot pan de sal. Inviting.

But unlike the bread and the butter, cheap and uncertain rumors don’t taste good.




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