Christmas Party 2015

…was my first Christmas party in this company after two years of delving into the perquisites of the world outside it. The outing event itself was actually cool (even literally) and straightforward, though a little odd for it was an overnight swimming party (in December!) outside Metro Manila. But of course, the occasion was also comprised of a band set-up and catered victuals to quench our extreme appetence for delectable grubs and jamming jag.

There was two service vans rented to take (and fetch) the employees to the venue (and back) in a remote part of Laguna province. They should have hired one because most of my co-workers hitched rides to those who have wheels. Aki, Arnie, and I hooked with Otep for a joyride.

This is another story, but after that long trip, we (in a hard way) learned that hotboxes MUST not be done while passing H.V. dela Costa or any busy street in the heart of Makati’s CBD in a rush hour of a Friday. We fuckin’ acted like kids lighting our first cigarettes. We promised ourselves never to do it again.

Back to the story.

After two (or three) hours of battling traffic jams and paranoia, we finally arrived the venue.

Quite frankly, the place was nice. The pool was commodious if we opted to swim or wade en masse. The sleeping quarters were just apt for tired and drunk mortals. There was also a billiard area/terrace where we could do our semi-dissolute schemes.

Me and Bing had prepared a little program for the event consisting of games and whatnot but we (or I?) somehow forgot about it. Everybody just conformed to their own individual (and/or) group trips. The band set-up was never vacant though. Yes, until before dawn. Like what I said earlier, our employees have an excessive hunger for music jams. I was totally amused.

I witnessed a lot of scenes from the occasion. I saw how some of my new found colleagues enjoy an evening of fun and (in a way) freedom. I watched them laugh, play, and open up, especially later into the night when I was chilling out solo flight at the poolside with booze and cigarettes. I was like a slow-moving planet observing the neighboring galaxies. Whatever that means. Honestly, it felt strange that I didn’t get wasted even though I had taken a lot of available poison in the site. And I couldn’t/didn’t sleep. I guess I was prepared for the wasakan part.

Less than ten people were left to enjoy the sapid lunch the next day, including me. We feasted on Pork Sinigang, Daing na Bangus, and other good stuff that’s good for a whole company. After eating, we cleaned up, and went back to Makati City when the service arrived to pick us up.

Good party, eh?

Here are some photos that I grabbed from a co-worker’s Facebook page.

Photos by Jerome Capistrano.







my joke for that night. 🙂


From my phone’s camera:




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