I’m not really a gamer (though I like and still love playing old school stuff like Super Mario 3, other cool Family Computer games, Strider 2, NBA 2k, Mortal Kombat, and Street Fighter vs. Capcom). But when I started something and I got hooked into it, I am adamant I will finish it.

God of War (yes, I am a late bloomer) was just my idea to take past the time in our Baguio-Sagada Escapade (thanks to Cez’ handy PS Vita). But I got interested in the story and the challenge. So thirty minutes before bed time, I make sure Kratos‘ quest will have even just a little progress.

I did finish the game after a few weeks of headaches and cursing on somebody else’s mother. But it seemed like Zeus was challenging me so God of War 2 became my next pre-slumber routine.

After another few weeks, I can say that I still can wrap a RPG game up, without cheats.

So what’s next?



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