About 13 (or 15-ish?) years ago, I met a man named Alfred Guevara, who’s a member of the legendary local band called The Wuds. It was the 18th birthday bash of a friend that time held in Atrium Hotel where the group played an awesome set (as one of guest performers). Alfred Guevara was giving away calling cards after their set and was promoting his tattoo shop named Avatar something.


Last month, I found myself sitting nervously in a tattoo shop under the roof of University Mall – Taft Avenue, Manila. It is called Avatar Arts. Shirtless, I was anticipating to experience extreme pain on the next hours.


Tom, my tattoo artist and the man that would draw my first blood, told me that the prick is something that I can endure. I did accept that because I was honesty more excited than afraid.

But every time he tested that tattoo machine (if that’s what you call it), the buzzing made me dread for something that I thought might make me scream like a little girl who saw a giant alien dick. Or worse, I imagined myself fainting.


But no. No jimjams because “no pain, no gain”. Right?

My tattoo is a chest piece that’s not an original design. A lot of people actually have this on their skin. This is the anti-possession sigil that the Winchester brothers have on their chests… so they won’t be possessed by demons.

Not that I believe in that kind of stuff, but I promised myself that when my favorite TV series, Supernatural, reached 10 seasons, I would have this on my upper trunk as a tribute to the show.


I also did a research about its origin and I found out that it might be modeled from an African symbol that means, new life. It is still not confirmed where the producers of the show got the inspiration for it but it has resemblance. This one from Supernatural is like a remastered version. Check this out.

After one and half hour, Tom and his father, Alfred Guevara, welcomed me to the ink club. Yeah, there was pain but he was right, it was tolerable and I’m happy with it.

Then C had her turn and had a Hakuna Matata symbol inked on right her wrist.


freshly cleaned

By the way, Karu-san dropped by while I was half-way done. He and Tom are business partners and good friends.


It was a great experience sharing an ink day with my wife, tropa, and a new-found friend.

Thanks Tom and Avatar Arts!

Now I’m wondering what my next tattoo will be.


This is the tattoo after a month.




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