Z’ Graduation 

As parents, Cez and I have this unexplained delight seeing our daughter graduate elementary. But Ziann, finishing it with a gold medal is another story. It made us realize that we created a kid who can push herself farther to surpass the fringe of her capacities. She’s indeed a gift from our unfair yet occasionally munificent universe.


Quite honestly, I wasn’t really that surprised about it. My mind was already persuaded by the quarterly top 1 certificates to anticipate my daughter receiving laurels and delivering a speech.


Though she’s a transferee, I know that being a new kid in school wouldn’t be a snag for her academical growth and social battles. Yeah, she failed half of the entrance exam but that was just scratching the surface. She dealt with it and apparently proved that she’s not just a student that only has a wherewithal to pay the tuition fee (we are not even rich). She’s something more. She’s a someone.

We couldn’t be any prouder.

She did not ask for any exorbitant reward (for nailing the highest award and two minor achievements). She just wanted to ice skate with her friends (who will transfer to different schools) after the commencement, so we took the BFFs to SM Ice Skating rink and they played on ice until closing time.


Congratulations, Ziann! 



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