Tuesday with Tanya Markova 

C and I arrived at 70’s Bistro in Anonas – Quezon City and I saw the Tanya Markova guys signing CDs outside, still without their trademark make-up. I bought a copy of their new album through their guitarist, Isabel Ole, who happens to be a co-worker. They’d be playing last so me and C decided to go inside first and watch the other acts. Eevee is such an amazing band.


I bumped into some other co-workers and we just shared a table to enjoy the rest of the night. I’ve been a fan of TM since day one and I’ve seen them play live for more than a couple of times. I like their first album and now I can say that this second effort can level to the former and, in growth aspect, might even surpass it. But of course, songs like Disney, Linda Blair, Jacuzzi, and Picture Picture will forever be considered classics.

It was a nice gig. I was slightly drunk and Lex threw up in a urinal.

Until next time. Thanks for the signed CD.






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