Impulse buying was never my thing… until I found myself inside Perfect Pitch – SM Megamall with Jeddi and Paul on a Thursday lunch break, testing Roland keyboards and toying other stuff. Until now, I still can’t believe that we (Jeddi and I) actually bought new gear for ourselves.

He scored an amazing keyboard/workstation called Roland Juno DS88 and I, my friends, am now a proud owner of a Roland RD-64.


For years,  I have been waiting and looking for a keyboard with less keys but with a weighted-hammer action. I was really eyeing for this since I am a big Korg buff, but for a nicer piano sound and gigging purposes (without much heap), Roland RD-64 is the shit.

My new toy comes with Roland’s SuperNATURAL technology (its grandeur) that makes me almost feel like having a baby grand. Since RD-64 is under the RD series which is under the stage piano category, I got a free Roland DP-10 damper pedal with continuous function that can enable me to do half-pedaling.

It was really a great day beside the trouble of figuring out how we could fit two huge boxes in Jeddi’s car back to our office in Makati.


Moral of the story:

Unplanned adventures will likely happen.
(But I guess I’ll be eating cheap meals in the next few days… or months)

Thanks for the ride,. Jeddi!


late upload: I named her Maze

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