It’s been raining for days because of the southwest monsoon and most schools in Central Luzon and NCR suspended their classes. There was even a tornado in Manila the other day.

I remember celebrating my birthdays when I was younger and my parents would prepare a lot of food and only five guests (to a minimum of two) would arrive in our house because of bad weather (or worse, a typhoon). I’m used to that.

This morning, I was about to take a bath, getting ready for work, when someone knocked on our door. I thought it was just some Meralco or Maynilad guy with a disconnection notice, or some Jehovah’s Witness lady trying to come back at me with a new argument, but it was my wife… with a cake and Jolli-spaghetti!


It was indeed a surprise. She’s got work today but her boss told her to take a leave to celebrate my natal day. How sweet, right?

Thank you, honey. I know you know I don’t believe in birthdays anymore, but hey, I appreciate the effort. Much love.



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