Liver Lover Boyetus

1. Fatty liver.

2. Gallbladder polyps.

The results of my check-up are seriously giving me anxieties. I cannot say that it’s malayo sa bituka [far from the intestines] (Filipino saying) because the liver and gall bladder are actually near the damn intestines and are part of the digestive system.

My doctor is now dissuading me from drinking alcohol. I was also prescribed to have a bland diet and shuffle off oily food, caffeine, tomatoes, citrus-y stuff, ice cream, chocolates, and dairy products from my everyday meals. Funny because everything in the list are part of my everyday meals.

It sucks and it’s pathetic in certain levels. It sucks and/but I have to comply. Did I say it sucks? Yeah, it sucks.

On a serious note, I guess it’s time to shape up and heed the doctor’s advice. Better no than never, right?

So… beer? Anyone?



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