A molar of mine has been throbbing for days.


My dentist already told me a year ago that it badly needs to be extracted. Its awkward position has impinged upon the other molar beside it, which needs to be removed too.

Talk about pain.

I know I can still bear the brunt but I deeply desiderate to get rid of it (or them). My dentist, Doc M, said it can’t be saved anymore so I was advised to undergo a minor oral surgery after a few days of taking pain reliever.

Wait, what’s that again?

Minor oral surgery?!

Minor oral surgery means pulling that tooth out, together with its seat mate.

And pulling it out means it is bundled with unpleasant procedures like slicing and digging the gums.

And slicing and digging the gums mean that the use of sharp surgical tools is verily necessary.

And the use of sharp and surgical gadgets means there’s stitching involved after.

Oh well. One of life’s big challenges. But I will do it, for a more comfortable life.

As if I have a better choice.




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