Baller Boyetus 

So we had this official company sports fest the other day.

The guys were grouped into four teams and played ball while the ladies smashed some shuttlecocks in badminton.

As expected, my team ended up 4th in the ranking. It’s something that I can not brag about, but I am proud that the event was a mere success.

Conceived by Paul and I, the thumbs up from the management was more than enough to recompense all the efforts and little troubles that we’ve been into.

Since it was an auspicious event, as I said earlier, maybe, the basketball games might become a regular thing for us in 2017.

Anyway, the sports fest was just about having fun and sharing good vibes. It subtly served as a catalyst that somehow upswang the camaraderie of the employees. First time in the history of the company, it was also a refreshing new outlet for most of us. In a span of a few hours, I was glad that we were sheer oblivious of chord progressions, music theories, piano roll views, CCs, PCs, SysEx, and MIDI in general.

The term passing the ball became literal. Note scoring turned into basket scoring. Quantizing events turned into accurately tossing the ball into the hoop. Grid lines became trajectories. Inputting note velocities and impeccable dynamics were changed into throwing the ball with the right amount of force. Assembly methods became offense strategies. Block scoring turned to shot blocks (none I remember though).Even stealing workloads (ha!) turned into ball steals.

File grading was also evidently comparable in players. Guys like Captain Jerome, Noriel, Arnie, and of course, our MVP, Charles are on a par to A data. Guys like me on the other hand are, well, NGs.

For now. *winks*

By the end of the night, after the competitive trash-talks and convivial taunts, after the ironically heavy meal (after and in-between games), after the awarding and receiving of the generous prizes, after the arduous hours of physical and mental battles, after blithely battering our dormant muscles and bones… almost all of us went home with laughter and new stories to talk about the next day.

It was fun.

Photos by: Vence Lalunio




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