Two bad molars extracted and I am now capable of discerning rainbows and dragonflies above my head.

Instead of the steady pulse that I felt in my mouth for weeks, there’s this odd-time rhythm now that I can seriously sense in my chest.

Instead of affliction and sleepless nights, I can meander slumberland now with a smile and an aftertaste of vanilla sundae in my mouth.

Instead of Ibuprofens, I can masticate meat like a man now without fearing a wrong bite and/or vexing a bleak cavity.

Instead of acupressure and ice cubes, I can locomote and function normally now like a machine and chill out after a tedious day.

Instead of overthinking and disturbed rumination, I can focus on my daily grind and be prolific with my craft.

All thanks to my cool dentist.

Beer? Anyone?



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