Christmas Party 2016

Our company’s Christmas party was a humble bash held in the/an (appropriately) cozy private lounge of One Esplanade – Pasay City.

It was an accustomed celebration consisting of Spartan-ish binging on the caterer’s comestibles, extreme appeasement on alcohol, and playing music incessantly. We also had some classic adult games (that one involving eggplants and that one involving popping balloons on someone’s ass) and musicians’ “sports” like Name that Tune, etcetera. The raffle prizes leveled up (I didn’t win any) this year for some reason, and for the first time in the history of our company, there were awards given to deserving employees (of course, I didn’t receive any). Surprisingly, we followed the program proper. Man, I was even the male host.

The extreme indulgence on beer and cocktail drinks led to impromptu moments indicative of our riotous yet orderly trippings. There was a cool fliptop scene when Akisuda was doing his craft. There was break dancing (courtesy of Nicco) and pseudo-mosh pit caper. There was some friendly taunting on each other that was sheer hilarious than offensive. There were great jams and farcical ones… that were surprisingly up to snuff too. There was even a keyboard “showdown”. Haha!

And of course, there were the superb band performances that, I can say, way above your run-of-the-mill shit. Almost everyone participated. Employees formed bands, rehearsed (in less than a week’s time), and just did what they do best. (Our set was, well… B edit)

You guys are amazing! Thank you for your cooperation and to all the effort that you’ve given to make the event successful and more interesting.

Too bad I can’t publish the videos here for I might run out of free space in my media gallery. But I grabbed some favorite photos from a co-worker’s Facebook account.

Photos by Jerome Capistrano.



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