December 25 Family Boodle Fight 

My side of the family doesn’t really do noche buenas. Ever since me and my sister were small kids, we’re always asleep on the eve of December 25.

As you know, my family is into the business of selling. My parents are into meat products and my mother’s siblings are grocers. Even my late grandparents, who, by the way, started it all.

From the early morning of December 24 until about 8 PM, they’re always busy vending pork, beef, poultry, and general food supplies to people shopping for their so-called Christmas feast.

Though December 24 is a good day for business, it’s one of the most tiring days of the year for us. Hence, it always ends up with z’s. 

We are used to that.

When I became a father with a family of my own, and not living with my parents anymore, Cez, Ziann, and I see the eve of December 25 as a normal day of the year-end vacation. Most of the time, we let it pass in the house of C’s parents in Quezon City. Or when time and budget will permit it, we travel. 

This year, due to some unexpected circumstances like the typhoon and the inkling of saving up more for business purposes, we failed to travel. On the other hand, my sister tried to organize a little happening for our family and the extensions. And she succeeded. 

(We’ll never know, maybe it’s the last time that we’ll do something like that in our house in Sampaloc.)

It ended up as an outdoor boodle fight. Pot luck, kamayan styleand that’s it. That’s our family’s simple way to pull the occasion off. 


Nothing extravagant. Nothing artificial. Nothing ostentatious. Just an ordinary lunch time repast with unsophisticated victuals and authentic smiles. It’s just us being us: the typical family that does not conform to the standards of… let’s say… social media sites. 

But still, I’m glad it happened. Happy vacation everyone!




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