About 9:30 This Morning

… I was awoken by a horde of people screaming just outside our house. I thought it was just the usual neighborhood clamor consisting of poppycock and idiocy so I was listless as fuck.

Then I heard someone roughly uttering about something getting bigger so I thought they already found a lost/lose pet phyton (which is another story)  and took a peek from our front window.

side commentary: 

Yeah, I was curious how big the snake has gotten after all its years of independence.

going back:

(But) There was no serpent. Instead, I was alarmed to find out that that something getting bigger was the fire that started just four houses away from ours.

I panicked and rushed upstairs and woke up Z who was catching up sleep because of her nightly Naruto marathon. I told her to gather all her important things and put them inside her backpack.

Four houses away is a serious distance. In a windy morning like this one, even a piddling spark can become a terrifying conflagration in a matter of minutes, and, can scatter quickly. If that fire amplified, reached our abode and turned it to embers, at least me and Z were already out to safety with some essential stuff salvaged.

side commentary:

I cannot explain now if it was the dread, but in a span of a minute (or slightly longer): I already cased my keyboard with its accessories, packed some gadgets and IDs in my knapsack, grabbed a few good books, and pocketed an ample amount of valuables apace. I also can’t remember how I brought everything downstairs… in one run.

going back: 

Luckily, the fire was put out by the concerned neighbors. And just like the policemen in old school Tagalog flicks, then came the firemen.

According to the fire investigator, a child was playing with a lighter, burned a rag, panicked, threw the flaming scrap away that hit their washing machine and caused it to flare up.

wrapping up:

Now who’s fault was it?

A. The child, for his/her bungle.

B. The lighter, for being accessible to anyone, including children.

C. The parents, for being ugly and negligent.

D. The snake, for escaping the captivity of an idiotic family.

answer: F




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