Happy New Year!

2016 has been a fine concoction of pleasant and rough times for me. It’s been fast, balanced, and aboveboard. Yeah, there were some depressing plights that I won’t expound now, but mostly, it was complexly amazing.

For the past twelve months, I learned a lot. I was chasing knowledge. I voraciously grabbed chunks of life, music, love, technology, and well, anything that I could lay my hands on along the way. Heaps of them, actually. I aimed higher and tried to be better in everything that I was doing. Later on, I realized that chasing knowledge is just a mere step in what I really wanted. So I dropped some of the things that I caught hold of and pursued wisdom.

Maturity? Maybe. But after the long yet brisk hankering for progress, I am now adamant of all my life’s nitty-gritty and priorities. I have also established feasible plans waiting to be achieved. I will indubitably bring them off.

Now, amidst the cacophony of firecrackers, carton torotots, and cheap karaoke machines; being a witness to the transition of years; still sober and stuffed with a shitload of carbs… I am positively looking forward to the new emprises, lessons, and challenges of 2017.

Let this year be a better one.



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