Online window shopping is a plebeian activity for indolent people who are not capable of buying the luxuries that they are hankering for. In other words, it is for people with no money to spend or no money at all.

Just like me.

Fortunately, extreme positivity can flip someone’s monetary insufficiencies. Not in a magical or divine way, but together with discipline, it can give a person the needed push to apperceptively or obliviously take little pains to get his wants. Add a pinch of patience to the ingredients and you can move mountains of financial inadequacies without even knowing it.

Sometimes, outside forces can also make our materialistic frills come true. There are cool and bounteous people around (like family, friends, and lovers) who can provide us with the much needed indulgence.

Receiving gifts is awesome, right?

But either it’s a by-product of hard labor or a fruit of random presents, having luxuries will always be great.

I sometimes make a so-called wish list that will remind me of what to purchase in the future. Mostly musician’s toys and what-nots (or some nerdy stuff), the things that I want are basically passion-based. Like an itch that needs some big time scratching.

Well of course, I have my priorities and responsibilities in life that always come first. I also have a lot of people to pay to and debts to settle so I don’t think I can accomplish everything soon. Life’s a bitch, isn’t it?

Anyway, here is my wishlist for the early quarter of 2017. I hope I can manage to have them all. But no pressure as always.

1. The Pulse by Soundbrenner.

I have the app on Android and I think it’s really cool. I just need the wrist gear that vibrates.

2. Korg Micro X

Okay. I have a stage piano now (named Maze), accidentally. I love it so much. It’s everything that I needed… last year, when I was into jazz. But when Tito Science came along, I feel like I need a second gear to add more flavors to the band’s sound. Just saying, maybe on the next album (?). By the way, Korg Micro X was in my 2009 wish list, kinda. Meaning, I really want this shit.

Well, if there’s something that I really really want on top of my main gear is of course, Alesis A6 Andromeda. For me, this is the real deal.

3. Hercules – Z Stand

This will never leave the house. It’s Maze’s throne. It’s sturdy and new for me since all of my stands are X-modeled.

4. Harper Lee – Go Set a Watchman

I was so disappointed that no first-first arrived the country when it was released two years ago. For a booky/collector/hardcover buff like me, I MUST have this book!

5. Of course… I want a new house, a car, a new small business, and an island with pet dolphins.

But if this slot is reserved for the outside forces, just buy me a burger (with avocado) in Lazy Bastard… and a beer.

Well, that’s it folks. I need to sleep now and work my ass off later.



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