Antipolo City – I was invited to be a ninong of a charming little kid named Himaya Bathala. He is the son of a good friend (Jake), who happens to be a lawyer now (congratulations pare!).


Being a ninong is something that I will not say no to, nor shun, just because. I mean, I may not believe in the sacrament but I sincerely accept the role to be the child’s second parent (or one of the child’s second parents). I am willing to give Bathala the needed guidance if his father and mother screw up (which I’m sure will not happen). I am also eager (if I’m asked to) to teach (or inspire) the kid (in the most basal approach) out-of-the-books-and-internet stuff that he might want to absorb in his pursuit of becoming a better, well-rounded person someday.

But this is not just for Bathi. This also goes to all of my other inaanak, and of course, to all my beloved pamangkin. Together with my father/husband duties to C and Z, this is a lifetime stint that I’d consider as one of my whyfors on earth. This is just a bit of the purpose that I instill to myself while I am existing in this planet.


Good job, Jake and Deph! I hope to see you soon, Bathi!



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