My name is Boyetus. I was born and raised in Sampaloc, Manila and currently living in Makati City – Philippines.

A husband to a very loving woman named Cez (C) and a father to a beautiful girl named Ziann (Z).

 I am a huge fan of not-so-common types of music, card tricks, transgressional fiction, satirical horror stories, hypnotism, Science, and other cool stuff that can transport my inner-self to a different world.

I am a dreamer…. day and night.

I may not believe in a god or religion but I believe in nature, Aurora Borealis, people, art, life, sex, Alesis A6 Andromeda, Chicken Curry, cheeseburgers, and anything that makes me feel great (and bad) about this world where we humans dwell.

I am a keyboard player.


I play keys for Tito Science: the coolest and the most awesome band that I’ve ever been into. We are still a young (figuratively) group in the process of contributing something for the scene. Just you wait.

I am an employee.

I work as a Karaoke Director in a company responsible for supplying high-quality karaoke music and polyphonic ringtones in Japan and to some other places around the globe. My eight hours of labor a day consist of scrutinizing, mixing, and checking MIDI files; browsing the internet; drinking beer; and having multiple cigarette breaks.

I am Spiderman.

But not your friendly, neighborhood web-swinging hero. As a big hobby, aside from music, I keep tarantulas with a few scorpion species as my eight-legged housemates. I don’t find it weird as many people say and I don’t find my pets scary and ugly.


This blog is about my normal yet uncommon existence. Life in Odd Time Signature as I call it. You can find some stuff here that may interest you in a way and maybe a lot of things that might not.

If you don’t like what you’re reading here, close this tab and go read something else.


Welcome to my blog.



Mic Narra . Philip Albia . Jake Fajardo


6 thoughts on “ABOUT ME

  1. Hi sir this is stanley of matanglawin abs-cbn. sir we are looking for tarantula owner since we are working for our episode to feature po specs nito tomorrow shoot with kuya kim atienza sa quezon city. Sir if you are willing na ifeature ang isa lamang sa mga ito for a period of time mga 2pm to 6pm provided na lalabas po ang name ninyo sa closing ng aming program for acknowldgment. Yung pagsundo po and food po ninyo ay sagot ng aming program. hoping for your response asap. Salamat po and looking forward. 🙂

  2. Good day sir stanley gajete of Matanglawin, ABS-CBN. Sir we are looking for people who have tarantulas for our episode, to feature specs po nito on tomorrow shoot with kuya kim atienza sa quezon city. Sir if you are willing na ifeature for period of time mga 2pm-6pm provided na lalabas po sa closing ng program ang inyong name bilang acknowldgment. Yung pagsundo po and food ay provided po ng aming program. Hoping for your response asap po. salamat po and looking forward. 🙂

  3. Hi sir i would like to please request for your help in identifying a spider i found that kinda looks like a tarantula. May i ask for your email so that i can send you the photo. 🙂


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