‘ I M M O R T A L ‘

I’ll kneel down before you
And catch with my open mouth
Every drop of uncertainty
Every drop of thy sacred tears
And the poisonous awe of your dark yesterdays

A breath a minute
I’ll run with your iron horses
That roam in the vast valley of the Flame World

Even though you don’t ride them
And you never did
I’ll treat them as my own


Our blood will be one
Our hearts will be bound by
Decayed rose vines
And we will be the King and Queen
Not for a second or an hour
But for the rest of our eternal lives

Our love will be immortal
Our minds will be the greatest in this entire
Wasteland that we’ll sooner call


I’ll kneel down before you
And wait for your blistered hands
To hold my discolored face
To hold my aching soul
And to revive my dying eyes

So I can catch the day smile with its
Complete teeth
And watch it change all of this to the
Real Beauty

Enisling us from the rest

Death’s-head moths will become sparrows
They’ll fly us above and we will clearly see
Efflorescence and life

Trees will grow with edible fruits
Water will flow to quench the thirst of the dry land
The sky will be bright and blinding
Then perfection will relieve our deepest

The hills of junk and scrap metals
Will be mountains of soil and minerals
We’ll land to the highest one
And we’ll scream at the top of our lungs

For the first time in a long time
We will smile
And for 127 heartbeats of joy

We will be jaded

And in a blink of an eye
Everything will be back
To the wasteland that we had called

So I’ll kneel down before you
Wait for your blistered hands
To hold my discolored face

To point at the iron horses
That still roam in the vast valley
Of the Flame World

To point at the last transition of the

To touch the dead and dark stars

To prove me

That our love is still
And will still be



‘ B E T W E E N ‘

our oceans are
Mountains that we try to move
To go on
In our own pentagons

Between our absences are
Those shapeless guesses
They keep on coming
And feed our paranoia

Between the truth are
Lies that we believe in
That mix our emotions
And occupy our idle imagination

Between the darkness of losing our faith
We are in the verge of falling apart
For we’re not strong enough
To hold the verbal glowing splinter

Between the silence of our crowded tears,
Between the patience of waiting for the sky to come down,
Between our lives shaken by storms,
There are chances
That we’ll not be separated
Though we are so far away
From the breath of togetherness

Between us is the Distance immeasurable
Stained by bad break-ups
And ugly word exchanges

We’ve forgotten about them
And just trying to figure out how we can shorten the intervals

Between your fire and my soil
Between your hell to my spot
Between the time that we’ll wait
To create a mighty twist of fate

And between all of this
Is the child in your womb

I can only stare at nothing
And you can only expect for something

Just between the situations
And your dreams


‘ S A L T ‘

You have your strange way
Of unfolding a blanket
It opened my mind to be interested
Not only to your body that I am investigating
But to your habits
That I don’t have to place my hands at

You attracted me for a couple of seconds
While you were rearranging the pillows
That you know we won’t use

There’s a rapid beat in my chest

Though it’s cold here
I won’t allow time fade without me
Unclothing my anger and breathing my desperation
To your pin cushion body

Even though I won’t get your name
I will remember you
Just like any other


It only tastes
In the lower part of the tongue


‘ L O S T ‘

in the light
Lost in the darkness

In holes
In corners

In odd time signature
In any syncopated measure

A catastrophe in the making

Lost in the hands of my legitimate guide
Who can’t find my way home

I can’t find the Northern star
Or the points of my state
And the “1” in the wall full of ciphers

Lost in the circuitry of my mind
Lost in the area of smokers where
I am surrounded by a society of young wannabes

Lost in the method that I confidently followed
Lost in the maturity of the situations where I am into
Lost in the pride of my fellows
Who act too high to look back

I am not afraid
Though I don’t know where I am

Lost in confusion
Lost in discussion and the explanation
Lost in my decisions and the translation
Lost in words

Lost in this small room made for claustrophobics
Lost in the paradise of teen bliss
Lost in my age
Lost in years

I lost my sanity
I lost my will

Lost in the deck of cards that I’m shuffling
Lost in the crowd of social-climber commuters
Lost in the annexation of Puerto Rico
Lost in my complicated electro mechanica

I lost the dreams that I borrowed and bought
I’m lost in this galaxy of exploding stars
And falling debris

That’s why I lost you

And I’m glad to be lost


‘ D R I P S ‘

of my lips are
Flooding grime in your
Living room

Bickering until eternity
Making a dusk disturbance
To your wink-less mind

Punching through thick walls and
Clad skin
Drilling holes..
Passing through the interstices
Of my spirit

Answering the echoes
Sustained by a damper pedal of
My memory

No shields nor helmets
No air tanks nor water goggles

A verbal cockfight of
Unwanted truth and
Demented lies

Hit the four with a two
Make a scratch
So I can have my turn

Light the sky with darkness
Find a way
So it’s your fingers that will burn

Move the pain with your knees
Praise hell
So I can taste God with my tongue

Steal the night and
Tomorrow will bring back
the yesterday
When the Monster’s sonnets were sung

and my grip is weaken
By your wounds

That one is from my anger
Those two are for my love
Bleeding until forever
Tearing my universe above

How do we stop this ride
Faster than your exalting pride?

You stand on your Equator
I’m on the nadir

You’re screaming all your demands
But I can’t spot a tear

You’re on the target zone
I’m on the bombsite

You’re in my world of ”dama de noches’
But you’re a heliophyte

of my pain blotting the
Golden bathroom floor
Burnt are my hands
That must not open the door

of my sweat on the antique couch
Where I actively lie and you noisily slouch

of the clouds on my fragile rooftop

They fall over my angry mind
That never stops weighing a second
To occupy the wasted time

Why don’t we rest our tired running feet
So the eavesdropping ones will continue their sleep
The pressure on my hands just transports to your hips
In this waking moment we see nothing but


‘ N O R T H  ‘

Let the water touch our toes
As we lie half-naked on the sand
Is it in the farthest ebb of the tide?
Or is just near in the death of my pride?

I almost forgot where I am
And who you are,
And where we were
In the explosion of that star

I missed that smile;


the guide of the wanderers
As I gaze upon thy non-blinding light
I wish you’ll be forever in my sight

And should I reach my hand
To touch your falling grace
Pretend you are coming
So I can hold your face.

Take me there, oh Polaris
To the line that separates the water and the sky
Is it where I can find my destiny?
Or it’s just the border of this sensitive sea?

Far as the neighbor galaxy
Far as our eyes can see


‘ F R E E ‘

Now I am free
From the tambourines of the Angels and
From the tentacles that gripped my neck for so long

I can open my mind and
Look at you directly to the eyes

Without any given circumstances
Without any hindrance or wall

I can hold your hand so
We can fly back to the day you sang
In front of the wasted people of
Saint Sebastian

I can open the window and
Greet the sun as it introduce a new day
To my life

Treat you as my own

No need to choose a card
No need to roll the dice or
Create some safe and truthful lies

I can call your name
Without freezing
Without melting
Without reaching a boiling point and it’s
Pointless to look back
Though I need to feed them and
Break a joint

I counted days
I put cross-marks on months
Now it’s time to pass you a luminary

Light my way
Guide me to the alley where I
Should have entered from the start

I wasn’t smart

You injected me that chill
Like a needle on the rib that gives
Mixed woe, joy, and thrill.

Now I am free

And being free is imaginary.


‘ L A S T  N I G H T ‘

I remembered something I didn’t know I knew…

it was loving you.


‘ H E R  S K I N ‘

is so pure as the air
On a Saturday morning
Letting its intangibility
Stand above the wicked ones

Like a magic spell
It wraps my afterthoughts
As they intertwine with the murmuring mist

She is the Goddess of the suburbs
Who misleads the masculine eyes
From the local everything
as she waters her plants in the front yard
At 8 A.M

She touches the kindred spirits
With her innocent eyes of sweet delusions
And tangerine invitations

But she looks different at night
As she flies out of her window…

With the most scary whine
A human being can’t imagine


‘ L E I L A ‘

We met on a spot
Where we shouldn’t be in
It’s some kind of a puzzle
Or one of those “connect-the-dots” things

We are perfect strangers
In a strange land
Of glittering skirts and body make-ups

Of hair gels and clean elephant jeans
That shine like their canvass faces

I know your dress also smells like cigarette
And your friends are gone in the crowd
This kind of music won’t make you groove
And you’ll never be in the party mood

We should be outside
Eating fish balls


‘ L U I ‘

We share same mornings
Of pulling ourselves out of the
Stereotypical mirror

We struggle to arrive at the place
Where we hear phrases
Beyond their literal meanings

We share the same sky
That everybody wants to steal

Beside our clogged nerves;
Nicotine-clothed lungs;
Throats of pins and paperclips; and
Masochist’s hands

We share the same urge and refusal
For unfamiliar laughter and
Revengeful spirits

They come to choke and make us evoke but
We still smile and write back

We share the same “sometimes”
Yes, sometimes our affinity afflicts
Thee and me and the reason is
Nothing in particular

We share the same corridor where we can
Litter, loiter and just
Feel nothing about what’s right

We can’t even mention our real names

You are my watcher for pickpockets
I am your catcher of gossips

About how lives stumble on holidays;
About why we can’t understand the outside world;
About removing pain with tweezers;
About catching the 4:27 P.M. train; and
About those shallow faces that we can’t stain.

Now we still share the same mornings
Though I can only see you when I wanted and
You can only talk to me when I decided.


‘ T O  T H E E ‘

There’s a struggle every night
For myself
Not to forget the transparency
Of your face

I always try to repent
From the oblivion
That knocks on my brain

There’s a rapid change
In my perspective since
I met you and since
We started having those
Fluid conversations that flow
Twenty minutes after lunch

(Much more of a debate)
Your harsh yet beautiful ideas
Prick me and sweep
My obsolete thoughts away

You are a perfect warning for me
Not to stay in my lock-less drawer

I don’t want to see you
When I got nothing new
But I miss you during weekends

I always get a sudden mental concussion
Remembering a couple of times
When your smile’s enough to serve as a witty rebuttal
For a dangerous verbal attack of mine

Much deeper,
I am caught in your web of sophisticated eyes
And your “fuck me” red lips

But I hate you sometimes
When you freak out
Knowing you can’t argue back

And I really hate it when your mouth
Of white picket fences
Revives the unholy catacombs
Of all foul languages

I respect you for being true
And for accepting my suggestion
Of changing the shade of your eyelids

And for patting me hard in the back

Though until now I still don’t know your name


‘ I  M I S S  Y O U ‘

since the scissored call last night
I guess I was wrong

Miss you since I realized I hate to count
My sheer woes
After all

Miss you since
The speechless telephone admitted
That you can’t move the violent mind with
And Betadine Solution

Miss you since my hidden words hushed
All the tight papers

Romantic hide and seek love
I lost in you

Miss you since you had this sudden apashia
When I was telling you to quit it

Miss you since I made this campaign
Of polluting the park
With shredded styro foam

I was stupid
After all

Miss you since I used oats as face mask
And later ate it as dessert

Miss you since you cried
While doing you nails

Miss you since the fragile talk yestreen
I guess I was wrong
Yet there’s no reason to stay long


‘ P A W ‘

Make me understand the
Intricacy of your simple face that
Calms the world and
Harbors the souls of
Endearing individuals watching you.

Like an angel with bashful eyes,
Like a child with a delicate smile, you are
Every man’s dream beside your
Detrimental spikes
And powerful blocks.

Take me to your world that’s
Unseen by the cameras and
I will scream your name like
No other man can.



‘ P L A Y G R O U N D ‘

Don’t push me hard
For I might fall
In this swing of life
I’m swaying and never scared at all

The slide has friction
It hates me

It wants me to land
My soul on the sand

But you’re on the see-saw

Reaching for my hand


‘ S H E ‘

stays awake at night
Just to watch a dying firefly make love with a wounded bumblebee

They take her to the scene where
Their wings are dismantled

Only to realize that
The deeper they journey in a night of dead silence
And perfection

The faster their body change into a more mature state


‘ T H E   W A I T ‘

I summoned the meteors
To pass above my wake
I laughed with the Demons
Dancing by the Lake
Still there’s no you
Arriving at the station

I asked all the Pirates
To burn my apathy
I reckon the brilliance
Will slip fast so thoughtlessly
Because there’s still no you
Knocking on my door

I entered the Labyrinth
And found my way out
I looked at the Oracle
I was blinded by doubt
And I’ll still wait for you
To land without bruises

I played with the Fire
And her skin was not hot
I didn’t even burn my fingers
I saved them
So I can touch your spot
But still there’s no you
Parking on my moor

What’s taking you so long?

I’ve seen weather changed
In my naked eye
I’ve seen season splat
But there’s only I
I’ve  seen the world from the other side
And in different angles
Even the last tears of dawn
I’ve seen it all alone

I went to the Underground
But I just ignored the Beast
With his words of truth
That you don’t exist

But I’ll still wait here
For your cruel caress
For you’ll be the Moonshine
To my undying darkness


‘ Y U L E T I D E  C L O U D S ‘

move fast

Falling leaves run along the ground

As I hear their real sound

They are beautiful

Empty benches stay across the park
As people rush to the busy stores
A perfect time to sit by
And write

Without the mortals around

The park is wonderful

Yuletide clouds become heavy
They are as black as they can be
But I know they won’t cry
And there will be no rain to fall

They seem to smile like the Christmas trees
Because it’s December 24

They just want to hide the sun
To grant the request of the Vampires
Who are walking with their push carts and shopping bags

Blind men sing songs with their banjos
Bitter ones steal money and mobile phones
Dirty children beg for left over ice creams
Lonely women hopelessly look for their companions

Foolish people wait for miracles
Believing their wishes will come true

And I sit here, writing a poem

Wanting to be with you…

Am I foolish too?

Yuletide clouds drift fast
Revealing the 2 P.M. sun
I hope the bloodsuckers are home
Or they will burn to death and be gone

Empty benches are now starting to be defiled by people
Smoking their menthol tobaccos

But I won’t leave until I finished my poem

I got a pen
I got a paper
A can of soda
A pack of cigarette

I forgot my lighter.


‘ W I T C H C R A F T  # 4 ‘

I ask you Wind to stray
Carry my words
And punch holes
To the hands that are
Covering her ears

I ask you Sun to rise
And give light to the field
Where she stands

I ask you Water to flow
And bring life
To the depth of her shallowness

I ask you Earth to live
And do nothing but wait


‘ G A P O S ‘

lamang ang tanging paraan
Upang ‘di mo lisanin ang
Ating tahanan

Sisiguraduhin kong
Hindi ka makakawala
O makakapalag
Sa iyong kinauupuan

Ang lubid ng aking galit
Itatali ko nang mahigpit
At sa kisame
Ika’y isasabit

Bibig mo’y bubusalan
Katawan mo’y kakadenahan
At ang ulo mo’y babalutan

Ng lumang masking tape

Hindi ka papakainin ng shawarma
O paiinumin ng
Tubig o Pepsi Max

Ipa-padlock ko ang kwarto
At papatayin ang ilaw

Dahil gapos lamang
Ang paraan

Upang ‘di mo ako iwanan


‘ M A G U L O ‘

na ang buhay ko.

Parang mga wire, capacitor at resistor
Na nakalubog sa
Lumang bread board.

Na walang patutunguan
Ang output ay palaisipan


‘ N A R O O N ‘

pa rin
Ang kinang sa kanyang mga mata
Noong huli ko siyang makita
Sa Recto

Sa kahabaan nang lugar na iyon ako’y nabigla
At nakasalubong ko siya

Isang tanghali
Sa isang sandali
Sa isang tagpong
Parang pang-pelikula

Naroon pa rin ang halimuyak
At ang makapanghinang-tuhod na ngiti

Sa kanyang puting uniporme
Para siyang anghel
Na naglalakad sa kahabaan
Ng paraisong halu-halo ang mga
Tulad niya at mga demonyo

Naroon pa rin
Ang kanyang walang kupas na pag-irap
Na gustong-gusto ko

Dahil hindi niya alam
Doon lumalabas ang kanyang
Tunay na ganda

Siya ay langit
Ako ay lupa
Na maghihintay na makita siya muli
Kung mabibigyan ng isa na namang pagkakataon

Bihira ang katulad kong
Umiibig sa tulad niya

At marami ang katulad niyang
Laging umiiwas sa aming mga taong grasa


‘ O N S E  B E N T E K W A T R O ‘

Tutuklasin ko ang iyong saradong himpapawid
At hahasain ang sandatang tatalo
Sa iyong mga salitang pilosopo

Ihahanda ang alambreng magtutuwid sa iyong sungking pananaw
Bukas, mamaya, sa lalong madaling panahon

Bubuksan ang iyong isipan sa mundong nakaahon sa pagkakalunod

Gugulong ako sa palara upang masinghot mo ang aking langit na pagka-birhen

Walang dugo, walang sakit, walang pangamba,
Walang reklamo at pag-aalangan
Lihim sa pagitan mo lang at sa aking tapat na sumpa

Luluhod ako sa iyong harapan
At isusubo ko ang init ng iyong pagkasabik.
Puwersang kakayanin ko dahil ang mga ugat nati’y
Tinahi ng mga halik

Duyan mo ako at awit kapag ika’y pagod na
Ililipad kita kapag ang ulo mo’ng nasa aking nanginginig na mga hita

Pagsasaluhan natin ang basong kalawang
Sa buhay na walang katapusan
Sa kamatayan

Magsisilbi akong patak ng liwanag
Sa karimlan ng iyong umaga

Hangin sa baga mong inaanay ng usok at nikotina

Ako’y magiging lubid sa iyong leeg
Na iyo ring kakapitan sa iyong pagkakalaglag

Gawin mo akong alipin
Gawin mo akong puta
Gawin mo akong manikin na naghihintay sa iyong kama

Wala kang angal na maririnig
Dahil mahal kita

(Ito lahat ang sinabi niya, walang natupad kahit isa)


‘ P A N S A M A N T A L A N G   2 : 3 6  A M ‘

Ang birit ng magdamag
Sa ilusyon ng aking sandali
Isang makabaling-litid na sigaw
Ng emosyong may sabit at
Sa pagsapit ng 2:36 A.M.

Ano ba’ng mayroon ka’t
Hindi ko mapatay sa nikotina ang kaba
At paglundag ng aking kapos na hininga?

Mabuti pang magbilang ng puta
Kaysa pansinin ang matinding pagtirik
Ng aking mga mata

Kahit alam kong maya-maya
Ito’y mawawala

Dahil ay 2:36 A.M.
Ay pansamantala lamang


‘ P I K O T ‘

Pinikot mo lang ako
Ng iyong matamlay na hininga

Kahit matamis pa
Ang aking pangungulila
Sa naligaw niyang ngiti

Matalim kasi ang eksenang
Nakatutok sa aking tagiliran


‘ R O T W E I L L E R ‘

Nagkakagulo sa kanto dahil
Naulol at nakawala na naman ang Rotweiller ni Jayson

Hindi na mapigilan ng mga tanod
Kahit hampasin pa ng tubo at dos por dos

Duguang tinakbo sa ospital
Ang nakagat at nilapang batang anak ni Mang Pedro

Gusto ko sanang tumulong at
Magpakabayani uli

Subalit putol na ang kanang kamay ko


‘ S A N D A L I ‘

Kahit siyam na raan at isang tibok ng puso…
Hintayin mo akong dumating.


‘ S U M P A  N G  P E D R O  G I L ‘

Sa bawat pagpitik ng aking balikat,
Ang mga salita’y nagluluksong-tinik.
Bumabalik sa aking malay.

Sa bawat pagkurap ng pundidong bumbilya sa jeep,
Ang mga mata ko’y tumitirik.

Sa bawat paglingon ko sa may kanto;
Sa may ihawan ng isaw at betamax;
Sa may BingGo;
Ako’y umaasang ika’y makikita ko,
Habang nagsasalita ang aleng sa Baclaran daw sumakay
Na kinukuha ang sukli sa ibinayad niyang limampung piso.

Ngunit bingi ang driver;
Nguso sa nguso ang mga sasakyang papuntang Quiapo;
Nagra-rakenrol ang mga busina;
Na-comatose ang mga traffic lights;
Maraming jaywalkers,
At maraming mga pulis…

Nasa U.N. Avenue,
Kumakain sa Scott.


‘ T R A P I K ‘

Susubukan ko na lang lumakad
Kaysa hintayin na umusad itong dyip

Isang dangkal, pitong minuto
Sawang-sawa na ako kay Piolo
Pati kay Regino at Verano

Kung tatakbo si Poe
Patakbuhin na rin si Manoloto

Pero cute ang sticker ni Roco

Kelan babalik si Mandy?


‘ T R I P ‘

May bagyo
Lunod tayo sa luhang
Dulot ng sama ng loob ng
Nagtatampong kalangitan

May tama
Ako’y nagmalinis at
Ang lintek sa akin

Ngunit lumanding siya sa
Manukan ng kapitbahay kong vegetarian

Walang pakiramdam
Ang kahabaan ng Blummentrit at Espana
Patay ang trapiko at piyesta
Ang mga gumagawa ng tulay-tulayan

Nabugbog ang mga na-istranded
Dahil walang bumibyaheng
Bus, fx, taxi at

At mayroon lahat ng trip

Swimming trip ang mga bata
Laughing trip ang mga nasa bahay na
Food trip ang mga paa ng masa sa milyun-milyong mikrobyo

Nanay ko
Sa walang tigil na sermon niya



Habang ika’y may ka-telebabad na iba
Napanood ko sa TV na
Pinatumba ng boksingerong taga-Kazakhstan si Manny Pacquiao,
Round 4,
Sa Grandstand.
Ngunit bumangon si Manny Pacquiao at binawian
Ang boksingerong taga-Kazakhstan.

Habang ayaw mong sagutin ang aking tawag,
Dahil nasa call waiting lang ako,
Masakit kong tinanggap
Na ayaw mo na akong maka-usap.
Parang upper-cut at right hook,
Bumabasag ng panga.

Kaya inubos ko ang load ng cellphone ng tatay ko
Sa mga 1-2 combination kong SMS sa iyo.

Habang ako’y naghihintay ng reply
At ang baba ko’y nalawlaw.
Binibigyan ng tropeyo si Manny Pacquiao.
Hindi ako ngumingiti…
Kahit taas noo ang mga Pilipino

Non-title bout kasi.

Kahit rosy cheeks pa si Mayor Atienza,
At mukhang lechon ang asawa ni Gloria,
Nawalan ako ng gana…
At ang cellphone ko din ay battery empty na.

Habang ini-interview si Manny Pacquiao
Lahat ng bagay ay luminaw.
Without the judges’ score cards, without a doubt
Nakabilang na ng sampu, knock out.

Isang madugong eksena
Nakakasawa na
Nanginginig na ang tuhod
Hindi na makatayo
May black-eye sa batok
May cut sa binti
Walang-awat, away-bati
Bukas ganito uli

Parang ang laban sa Grandstand



 ‘ FROM ‘

the yelling distance of the elevator shaft
Of this hostile edifice
To the 19th floor

I wait

On a cigarette break I take chances and
Move mountains with glances

As I blow white nicotine circlets through my rotting lungs
The preppies thought my lips are flirting
I calm my tics and anticipate your 7 P.M. ride
Without a shield from the dripping Bel Air sky,
The night should cry.

As the sentinel permits a no-inspection entrance
I misplaced my notions due to my intricate
Marshmallow heartbeats
And flickered them with the ashes in the sphere

I forgot to take a glimpse and missed.

Thunders roar
And yuppies bought in to the over-pricing cabs
My used and depleted time – I threw in the garbage bag.

I know what I want to say
And what this lust speaks
My VL is a dream
That the world forbids.

If touching you is a sin,
Then let me be punished by the corporate gods.
If holding you is a crime,
Let’s close our eyes and crash to the odds.

If these stares are priceless and discreet,
We are lost souls strangled in heat.
If these emotions are like the sliding doors in the ATM booth,
We are a perfect transaction without a receipt.




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